Fwd: Feb BYU RUG meeting 1 week notice

The BYU Ruby U. Group will be holding its February meeting
on Wednesday the 8th at 7PM. We’re meeting in room 120 of the
Talmage Math & Computer Building (TMCB) – see
http://map.byu.edu/Map.html for a map of campus if you need it.

Eric H. is making a trip in from Seattle to talk about all
kinds of deep Ruby things. He is a former presenter at RubyConf
(RubyConf 2003 “Working in the Garden: Web Apps with Borges” and
2005 “Reimplementing Ruby”), and has his hands in a number of
exciting Ruby (and Rails) projects: ZenTest, Ruby2C, ruby-growl,
ParseTree, Borges, and the Rails Log Analyzer. He currently
works for the Robot Co-op, helping build 43 Things.

Eric was recently mentioned in Bruce Eckel’s blog
(http://www.artima.com/weblogs/viewpost.jsp?thread=146091). Bruce
said that Eric has “done some very immersive work with the language.
[He] live[s] and breathe[s] this stuff, which is exactly what I
needed to get some actual insights into Ruby.”

This should be an awesome meeting for those who want to get a better
handle on Ruby, whether you’re a long time hacker, or just looking
into the language.

----------------Special Thanks--------------------------
We’d like to thank Sleep Inn of Provo, who’ve graciously sponsored
this meeting, and are providing accomodations for Eric on the night of
the meeting.



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