Fwd: Do RX and TX of USRP2 work independently?

FFT plots are not much clear, but I can give some comments on your
Without connecting RX, there is a value ‘-100 dB’ at the bottom on the
y-axis in the FFT plot.
However With connecting RX, it seems all values on the y-axis are
greater than ‘-100 dB’
which means it receives a stronger signal.
Although it doesn’t look like TX signal it might receive something.

And connecting TX with RX directly is dangerous.
RFX series board has LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) chip on it.
and it is apt to be broken when connecting TX and RX directly.
Once it is broken, receiving a signal might not work well and it is
hard to fix in your country.
Thus, connecting an antenna to TX and another to RX is safe. (It
causes a signal to be attenuated)
Check whether your LNA chip is out of order or not.

It seems receiving doesn’t work well for LNA chip issue.
So thus the FFT plot shows a stronger but distorted signal compared to
that without connecting RX.

And without connecting RX, it is quite strange.
I think a PC confuses a signal which has been received with a signal
which is to be sent.
Because there is only one ethernet connection between the PC and the
(But I’m not sure about this problem you might see other’s advices.)

2011 5 10 3:38, 躸 [email protected] :

Regards, Bomi.

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Seokseong Jeon (aka Songsong G.)

Seokseong Jeon (aka Songsong G.)