Fwd: [ANN] Eastside Hackers Meetup (5/15/2010)

Hi all,

We had a pretty successful meetup last week (5/8/2010). I was quite
pleased to see a fair number of people showed (my last count was
something like 10 or 11). Due to popular demand and other stuff like
that, we’ll have another meetup this weekend and we’ll be targeting more
of a hacking meetup. In other words, bring your laptop, work on some
stuff, have your own discussions, beat each other with your knowledge
and just hang out :).

I think at least this weekend, we’ll go to Crossroads again but we’ll
move further down toward Uncle’s Games. Word on the street (or rather
amongst those that attended last weekend) was that there are more plugs
for us to plugin. For me, a netbook carrier, not such an issue but I
know some of the other attendees are carrying around bigger machines.


Meetup: 5/15/2010
Location: Crossroads in Bellevue, near the Halfprice Books & Starbucks
(NE 156th Ave & NE 10 St)
Time: 3:30-ish (I’ll be there around then) till whenever (7ish?)
General info: We’ll be working on our side projects, maybe side demos if
you’ve got something cool to show people. For example, Josh showed us an
interesting demo with GUI development + writing to files for GUI events.

Don’t hesitate to email me or the EH email ([email protected]).
Website is http://eastsidehackers.org and twitter will have updates


PS: If anyone has suggestions for venues for future meetings, please
email me. Crossroads isn’t perfect but will accommodate us seating-wise.
The big issue is enough seats + wifi + plugs.