FW: USRP Trouble shooting


        We have got a USRP board (USRP-LF Rev 4.2, 10-02-2006) and a

sub device TV Rx Receiver module (Microtune 4937 DI5-3x7901 and 3 band
antenna SMA703).

        We connected the sub-module in the RXB slot of the USRP

board, with orientation as shown in

        We tried to run the FM Receiver program (usrp_wfm_rcv.py)

which comes with gnuradio-examples python files, from a Cygwin
environment on Windows 2000 machine.

        We found an error that "the subdevice is not detected", a

few times. We rewired up and tested again.

        We did not get any signal showing up on the GUI, but the ADC

IC chip U602 (Analog devices AD9862) is getting heated up so much.

        I request you to kindly let us know what could be the

problem, ways of troubleshooting and possible solutions.

Thanks and Regards,

N Sivaram