Fw: Re: Problem with volk and fftw memory alignment

Forgot to copy this to the list - I think the bug is fixed

Thanks for your help. I’m quite new to contibuting back into git-hosted
projects, so forgive me if I’ve got it wrong…

The last commit I pulled from github/gnuradio is

The place the problem occurs is in fft_filter.cc - line 319 onwards
gr_complex *a = d_fwdfft->get_outbuf();
gr_complex *b = d_xformed_taps;
gr_complex *c = d_invfft->get_inbuf();

volk_32fc_x2_multiply_32fc_a(c, a, b, d_fftsize);

where we call a volk routine on the outbuf and inbuf of a fft_complex

I think the cleanest way is to fix fft.cc to use volk_malloc - I also
made it use its own alloc routines so there’s only one set of calls to
volk_malloc(). Patch attached

It seems to work - the code that previously sometimes crashed hasn’t
done yet - but that’s not quite proof the bug is fixed

Best wishes


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