Further alsa Vs Oss Gst support

To add some more info.

The gstreamer-properties GUI shows it is using alsa (Tests work fine).
side note: I can distinguish between alsa and oss because the oss when
used results in a random severe clipping effect across the mix.

there must be some of using alsa?

further info…

The player is using the factory element ‘osssink’. My setup uses alsa,
have an onboard intel hda sound card and an external echo layla 24.
working fine. I use the hda for banshee as it doesn’t seem to like the
layla. Pure data can do both perfectly.
How to i change to alsa. I tried ‘alsasink’ but the factory element
threw an error when I attempted to play a mp3.

(SimpleAudioPlayer:28877): GStreamer-WARNING **: element thread0
state-change success,but state didn’t change to PLAYING. State is
(NONE_PENDING pending), fix the element

Anyone have any ideas,


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