Funny doc for setter

Is it just me or is this funny?

------------------------------------------- Object#instance_variable_set
obj.instance_variable_set(symbol, obj) => obj

On 5/5/07, John J. [email protected] wrote:

Is it just me or is this funny?

I see the same subtle humor here :slight_smile:


On 5/8/07, Ken B. [email protected] wrote:

Ahh, but it’s a subtle reminder that even if something is possible one
shouldn’t always do it, at least without thought to the consequences.

Rick DeNatale

My blog on Ruby

On Sun, 06 May 2007 01:56:18 +0900, John J. wrote:

  this call.

Yeah, but it doesn’t expose anything that didn’t already exist in Ruby.
If the function didn’t exist, you could write it yourself:

class Object
def instance_variable_set symbol, obj
eval “@#{symbol}=obj”


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