Functional tests breaking

So I have a weird thing that’s come up and wanted to see if anyone else
has experienced it.

I checked my project code out on my laptop and my unit tests are working
fine. However, none of my functional tests that require login work. I’m
using the acts_as_authenticated plugin. I’ve dug thru all the generated
classes AAA generates, added debug output, etc, to no avail.

In the AAA test helper it sets up the session[:user_id] as the id from
the login_as :quentin test user. I put some debug around this in the
appropriate AAA test helper method and can see that the user=>1 attr is
set. But as soon as I try to puts the session value in my controller
I’m testing ala,

puts “session user id: #{session[:user]}”

it says nil or just blank. So it’s like somewhere in the request coming
into the controller, it’s losing the current request and therefore
session? Dunno, but it would seem this is the case.

I’m using Rails 1.2.6, the latest AAA plugin, and not much else. All
these tests work on my other machine, but of course, I’m out of town and
it’s off, so I can’t see what the diff is. But I’m running OS X Leopard
on both, with same version of ruby, rails.

Has anyone seen this issue? tia,

  • jason