Functional tests and active scaffold: unexpected assertion f


I’m writing a functional test for a controller that uses active

def test_presence_of_field
profile = Profile.find :first
get :edit, {:id =>}
assert_response 200
assert_select “textarea#record_free_text_ec”

I was expecting the first ‘assert 200’ to give me a green bar,
but added it for confirmation, and indeed it gives me te
following failure:
Expected response to be a <200>, but was <0>

The same assertion works fine when I don’t use
active scaffold.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?



Just for the records, for whoever might end up on this thread.

I found out what the problem was, it has nothing to do with active

The cause of this problem was a missing fixture in my tests.

More specifically. I use the plug in act_as_authenticated, and
the first line in my tests is usually login_as(:peter), that
sets the user as logged in.

The method login_as worked fine, and the @current_user instance
variable was set in my controllers, but the instances of an
(i.e. has_and_belongs_to_many :roles) where not made and not set
in the specific user instance, this caused some conditions to fail and
resulted in a redirect.

Moral of the story: I needed to add an extra fixture to my functional