Functional test encoding issue

I got an error in my functional test which is is fine ( the emails are
effectively different…) BUT my question is related to the encoding
informatin displayed …

in my registration_controller_test.rb file , I have at the top

encoding: utf-8

, so the expected string is UTF-8
and I get (“US-ASCII”). from the controller … does it means I have to
also insert

encoding: utf-8

at the top of the controller ?

<“[email protected]”>(“UTF-8”) expected but was
<“[email protected]”>(“US-ASCII”).

I think it’s related to the confirmation email encoding … as the

assert_equal"[email protected]",[0][0] is still in (“US-ASCII”) need to modify it

Le jeudi 22 novembre 2012 16:32:37 UTC+1, Erwin a crit :