Function/Method Execution Progress Bar


I want to create a progress bar for the exececution of a particular

I found a solution at but one
need to create a separate server that communicates the progress of a

Is there anyways to change a global variable or so and have the user see
the execution stage of the function?

I tried playing with Thread but no success because for the page to be
loaded the thread must finish.

Thanks for your time,



Thanks Jonathan, is blog of “ezmobius” who proposed the solution with the drb

Actually, I did implement before reading this blog the solution by
“madrobby” but that does not work because Rails does not respond the
ajax call while processing a function.

Thanks for the answer,


Thanks a bunch Jonathan. It worked fine. It’s a great resource to have
such functionality.


You need to use a multithreaded web server, not Webrick. Lighttpd should


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