Fully qualified url's in admin interface

So I have a couple sites running Radiant .5.x and I have upgraded one
of them to .6.3 and created another for something else. They are
running on an W2K3 (yes I know), mongrel, and IIS with ISAPI-rewrite
to proxy(Oh dear he really is crazy) but I have replicated this
problem on FreeBSD and Apache.

The public parts of the sites are fine and I can get to the admin
pages but all the links to edit/create/so user the URL base that
mongrel is running as and giving fully qualified urls like “http://
amago:5013/admin/page/edit/1” when the url should be “/admin/page/
edit/1” so that the urls can be proxied.

Is this the expected behavior. It was was not under .5.x . Any
thoughs? It seems like the " page_new_url(:parent_id => page)" are
using routes create the url’s and for some reason they are coming
back a fully qualified and not relative like the links to images on
those pages.

I think that have done something wrong but I have no idea where to


It’s because they use _url and not _path. You might want to check the
proxy headers being sent from IIS to make sure Rails is able to
calculate the proper routes. I’m not positive which header is needed,
but I haven’t ever had any problems with Apache or nginx.


Here was my foolishness. I forgot to put the reverse_proxy_fix
plugin in place. I really wish that would get imported to rails core.