Fulltext index?

What’s the best way to create a fulltext index on a table column? I
was looking at the source of the add_index method, and it looks like:
add_index(table, column, “FULLTEXT”)
will work (at least for MySQL), but according to the comments in the
source, that relies on a “legacy support” branch of the code. Is
there a better way?


Depending on your needs, you can do full text searching using ferret
(http://ferret.davebalmain.com/trac), which is a Ruby port of Lucene
[1]. This removes the dependency on the MySQL full text indexing
facility. N.b., MySQL only (AFAIK) supports FULLTEXT on MYISAM
tables. The same tables that don’t support transactions.


[1] http://lucene.apache.org/

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