Full path of a uploaded file


I am trying to get the “Full path of a uploaded file” . In my view I am
using file_field to upload a file. Below is my view code

Select a CSV File : <%= f.file_field :file -%>
<%= submit_tag 'Submit' -%>

In a controller class when I try params[:dump][:file].original_filename
it gives me only the filename of file.
I need to parse the uploaded file(.csv file) in my controller. Can you
please let me know how to get the full path of a file

you don’t need that to parse the csv file.

something like this (in Model) will do:

attr_accessor :invitations_csv_file

def upload_invitations
if invitations_csv_file && invitations_csv_file != “” then
CSV::Reader.parse(invitations_csv_file.read) do |parsed|
# do something here with the parsed content (fields in
parsed[0], parsed[1]…)

In controller:

@edition.invitations_csv_file = params[:file]

hi shailey,
just to add to thorsten’s note: the uploaded file is passed as a
UploadedStringIO to your controller. It’s not saved anywhere, so there
isn’t a full path. You can save it yourself if you want, so it’s up to
you to choose the path. Or like thorsten suggests directly parse it
and save its contents in the database in any structure you like.