Full-fledged image gallery solution?

I’m in a bit of a dilemma here, and would appreciate everyone’s input.

I’ve got a project which will basically be a photo gallery site, with
some additional “static” information pages (contact, about, etc.) For
the client’s sanity, I want to build the site in Radiant so they have
easy access to manage the contents of these pages.

For the gallery part, though, the current extensions to Radiant
aren’t quite up to the task, from what I can see. I need a really
full-featured gallery with bulk uploading, sub-albums, searching, and
detailed category and description features (EXIF or IPTC support
would be ideal).

Has anyone ventured to integrate a stand alone gallery manager (in
rails, php, or otherwise) with a Radiant site?

Or maybe there’s a good extension or plugin that I’ve overlooked.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.