Full Duplex with RFX2200

I’m working on an application that will do full-duplex using an RFX2200
daughterboard in a USRP1.

The transmit frequency will be about 2.055 GHz, and the receive freq
will be about 2.255 GHz.

Up until now, we’ve been working with only the transmit or the receive
flowgraph separately. Now we’re about to integrate the two and I have

In the lab, the transmit and receive sides will be hooked to separate
antennas. I am aware that the input to the receiver should not exceed
-10dBm in order to avoid damaging it. I’m concerned that the transmit
antenna will be a short distance away, blasting out 100mW (+20dBm).

Am I right to be concerned? By my rough back-of-the-napkin
calculations, with 3dB antennas, and about 1 1/2 meters separation,
I should be between -20 dBm and -10 dBm at the receiver.

@(^.^)@ Ed

You are probably ok, but you might also want to use bandpass filters to
keep the excess TX power out of the RX.