FUll Calendar

I have successfully managed to display the Calendar on my Ruby page by
adding necessary callouts to the css and javascript files and have
successfully managed to display the calendar:

This works which is great.
now I am having difficulty trying to display an alert message which
should work by using:

but this function does not work and is the same as before. Can an expert
please help.

I think there is a typo. You typed dayCick: It should be dayClick


On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 5:48 PM, Mohammed R. [email protected]

I changed the error, but i still got the same result. Do I need a
database linked to this calendar in order for it to work? the link that
you sent me seems very useful and what I am in search for, but I
eventually want to run a database system where users can click out dates
when they are not available

Good morning sir Mohammed… correct if i’m wrong but you are using full
calendar gem?
i think this this jQuery code can help


HI Evandro, I have tried his and it still does not work, because i have
a rails app, I put:
<%= stylesheet_link_tag ‘fullCalendar’, media: ‘all’,
‘data-turbolinks-track’ => true %>
<%= javascript_include_tag ‘fullcalendar’, ‘data-turbolinks-track’ =>
true %>
<%= csrf_meta_tags %>

in the file itself for a call out? Is this the right way to do so ?