Fukuoka Ruby Award


The Fukuoka prefecture conducts Fukuoka Ruby Award. The winner will
get 1,000,000 JPY, which is roughly 10,000 USD. It covers any
software and activity mainly held this year somewhat related Ruby.
We are waiting for active submissions.


  •                  Fukuoka Ruby Award

Fukuoka Ruby Award is conducted with the dual aims of
promotion of software industry and prevalence of Ruby in the world.

Today, program language e$B!He(BRubye$B!Ie(B -made in Japan, has
attracted attention.
Because the cycles of production of commodities and service have been
shortened and it is necessary to improve planning ability and

Fukuoka Prefecture is therefore moving ahead with initiatives
to make the base of the software technologies development with
a central focus on Ruby through collaboration between industries,
educational institutions and the prefectural government

  • Schedule & Application deadline
  1. Period for acceptance : from 10 November 2008 to 26 December 2008
    Must arrive by 17:00 on 26 December 2008
  • Eligibility
    System and new business model, activities for prevalence taking
    advantage of the feature of Ruby, which developed within a year.

  • Qualification requirements
    Enterprise, organization or individual (including voluntary association)
    In case of jointly-developed, apply representative person.

  • Application fee
    Free of charge

  • Selection Committee - Procedures
    Fukuoka Ruby Award Executive Committee
    Fukuoka Prefectural government

  • Prize
    1)Grand Prix (one award)
    Certificate of commendation, trophy, 1 million yen (supplementary prize)

2)Outstanding performance award (within three award)
Certificate of commendation, trophy, 10 thousand yen (supplementary

3)Encouraging prize (within three award) *for only enterprises in
Certificate of commendation

  • Submissions
    As for details, please refer to the guideline.
    The guideline and entry form are available for download from the
    (1) Fukuoka Ruby Award

(2) Promotion Council for the HUB of Fukuoka Ruby business

(2) Fukuoka Prefectural government

  • Contact
    Fukuoka Ruby Award Executive Committee
    7-7, Higashi Koen, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
    E-mail: [email protected]
    (For future correspondence or any other queries, please contact us by
    above email address.)