Fukuoka Ruby Award 2010


Fukuoka Ruby Award comes again!

                Fukuoka Ruby Award 2010

Fukuoka Prefecture aims to ensure the further development of software
industry in Fukuoka by supporting activities of Ruby-based businesses
and become the world’s largest hub of Ruby business.

The Government of Fukuoka Prefecture Japan, together with the Fukuoka
Ruby Business Hub Promotion Committee, is excited to announce the
opening of the 2010 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition.

The Fukuoka Ruby Award aims to promote business activities using
cutting-edge Ruby programming language, raise public awareness of the
growing software industry in Fukuoka, and to contribute to the
expansion and utility of Ruby language around the world.

*Schedule & Application deadline
Period for acceptance : From 1 September 2009 To 20 November 2009
All entries must arrive by 17:00 on 20 November 2009 (Pacific Time)

System and new business model, activities for prevalence taking
advantage of the feature of Ruby, which developed within the past 1

*Qualification requirements
Enterprise, organization or individual (including voluntary association)
In case of jointly-developed, apply representative person.

*Application fee
Free of charge

*Selection Committee - Procedures
Fukuoka Ruby Business Hub Promotion Committee
Fukuoka Prefectural government

1)Grand Prize (One Award)
Certificate of Commendation, Trophy, 1 million yen (supplementary prize)

2)Outstanding Performance Award (Up to 3 Awards)
Certificate of Commendation, Trophy, 100 thousand yen (supplementary

3)Encouraging Award (Up to 3 Awards) *for only enterprises in Fukuoka
Certificate of Commendation

4)Special Award (Some numbers)
Certificate of Commendation

Complete the application form on the designated website.
As for details, please refer to the designated website.

Fukuoka Ruby Award Website

Fukuoka Ruby Business Hub Promotion Committee
7-7, Higashi Koen, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, Japan
E-mail: [email protected]
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