FSK using VCO

HI all,

      I'm developing an underwater modem which uses acoustic signal 

transmission and reception .for that i need to have a FSK
CPFSk is not practically possible in underwater ,i decided to use VCO.I
have to modulate data from a file sourc(output type byte) using 10khz
carrier.i don’t know how to do this.when i connected a file source
to float- vco -scopesink and observed output i couldn’t see what i was
expecting.can’t i input the vco with a file source?please help me.

thanks in advance


Try connecting these

data_src(0,1)==>chunk to symbol(-1,1)==>fm

where freq_sep = symb_rate (for non-coherent detection)

On receiver side u can use quadrature demoulator


One thing i forgot , there should be upsample(pulse shaping ) OR repeat
N block between “chunk2symbol” and “fm modulator”