Frozen rails 2.0.2 on icdsft

I’m trying to set up a new project on an icdsoft account but they’re
still at rails 1.2.3. They unfortunately also don’t support ssh
(saying it’s a security risk). I used their example php script to
setup a 1.2.3 app which worked. I then froze my local rails app to
2.0.2 and uploaded the “rails” directory into the online vendor folder
for the 1.2.3 app (I guess that’s how it’s done with ssh access?).
Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work, and I’m getting an application error
“Rails application failed to start properly”". The icdsoft support
team won’t help me on this since they don’t support rails 2 and have
no plans to update to it in the near future. Before I plead with my
client to switch hosts, has anyone had any experience getting rails
2.0.2 working on icdsoft or another similar shared hosting

thanks in advance.