Frontbase adaptor?

Hi all,

I’m looking to deploy a rails application to a server using frontbase
db. I have installed ruby-frontbase, but get an error when trying to
start the server using ‘frontbase’ as my connection adaptor name in

The error is

`establish_connection’: database configuration specifies nonexistent
frontbase adapter (ActiveRecord::AdapterNotFound)

and sure enough, there is no adapter for frontbase in the connection
adapters folder of active record. The Agile Web D. with Rails
second edition book says that rails includes this frontbase adapter,
only requiring that ruby-frontbase be installed. And there appears to
be evidence of a frontbase adapter being part of rails here, . Does anyone know what the
status of the frontbase adapter is?

I figured out how to get it working on my own, posting solution here
for posterity.

GemRails does not include the frontbase adapter, right now it is
available through EdgeRails. Had to freeze my rails on EdgeRails, using

rake rails:freeze:edge

after that using adapter : frontbase in database.yaml works.