From USRP2 to E110


I had been using the USRP2 (DB RFX900) for a while and now I just got
E110 (DBs SBX and TVRX2), which is quite different. Is there a “best
practice” to use the E110 remotely and show the GUI in the host, just
like in the USRP2? I thought of the following:

  • Deploy a GRC flow inside the E110, with an UHD Source, some processing
    blocks and an UDP sink.
  • Execute a GRC flow in the host, with an UDP source to receive the E110
    signals, some additional processing blocks (those who require more
    processing power) and the GUI sinks.

Is that correct or is there a better way to do it? could you tell me
where to find some examples about this?

Thank you!


I just solve my issue: the UDP Source in the host was configured with
‘localhost’ or ‘’, but It should be the real IP address (the
same in the USRP’s UDP Sink)

UHD Source > Processing blocks > UDP Sink (Host IP address)

UDP Source (“Real” host IP address) > Processing blocks > GUI Sink