Freeze:edge, github & http urls?


I just noticed that rake radiant:freeze:edge uses the git:// url syntax
rather then a http:// git url syntax.
As a result of this, when you’re behind a corporate firewall that only
allows http, git won’t be able to fetch a repository.
I can check out ‘http’ based git repositories without any problems

I manually changed the radiant/lib/tasks/framework.rake “radiant_git”
variable to “GitHub - radiant/radiant: Radiant is a no-fluff, open source content management system designed for small teams.”,
but I was wondering if there was a generic way to deal with this.

Best regards,

Jeroen J.

I don’t know whether github proxies through http requests to the
git-daemon, but this would be a good addition - have an option to
download the tarball instead of checking out the source. Patches,