freeVikings 0.7

It might be sort of off-topic, but though:

New release of freeVikings, a puzzle/platform game written in Ruby is
[freeVikings download |]

If you have ever played one of excellent games “Lost Vikings”, you must
fallen in love with them. So have I and it’s why project freeVikings
In the same time (2004/2005) I made my first experience with Ruby, found
RUDL and decided to put my favourite game and programming language

Clone is, of course, really inferior to the original; it still lacks
features, beauty and stability. But on the other side it has
that a commercial game didn’t have (and probably didn’t want to have):
on my opinion most important is the possibility to create custom levels.

I considered sending this as a response to the [QUIZ] Dreaming of Ruby
Christmas, because the latest release contains new levels, which would
fit in the quiz as a sort of (a bit perverted) celebration of Christmas.
Try yourself and see…

“Configure complete, now type ‘make’ and PRAY.”

            (configure script of zsnes -