Freeride on Windows XP - where does the output go?

I want to use Freeride on my Win XP box, Version 2002, sp 1, but the
output DOS window just flashes open and closes before I can see the
output. I’m using ruby 1.8.2 (2004-12-25) [i386-mswin32] and Freeride
version 0.9.4.

I’ve searched around the comp.lang.ruby newsgroup and found someone
with a similar problem, but he never got a way to make it work, that I
could see. (Subject: Re: FreeRIDE: Where does the output go? posted 22
Jul 2005)

I get this:

ruby C:\ruby-proj\process.rb

This is a simple script and I’d actually like to see the output
captured in the console window I suppose, if I could answer the script
when it wants some input.
My Debug/Run preferences are set to save files before running and run
in a terminal.

Anybody else with this? Any hints?


You need to set a debugger option. the menu command “Edit >>
Preferences” will bring up the preferences dialog. Then selecte
“Debugger/Run” on the left and you should then see a checkbox on the
right labeled: “Run process in terminal”. Check that checkbox and
click Ok, and it should do what you want.


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