FreeRIDE 0.9.6 - The Free Ruby IDE


Version 0.9.6 of FreeRIDE has been released and is available for

For details and downloads, go to:

0.9.6 is mostly a bug fix release. The goal was to make FreeRIDE more
robust and to fix some annoying bugs reported by the users. This
includes changes to the debugger, IRB, project manager, etc… See the
Changelog for details.

Due to some changes in the FreeRIDE property files users may experience
crash at startup time. If this is so delete the directory
%USERPROFILE%\freeride (on Windows) or $HOME/.freeride on Linux before
starting FreeRIDE again.

=== FreeRIDE Overview ===

FreeRIDE aims to be a full-featured, first-class IDE on a par with
those available for other languages, with all the best-of-breed
features that you would expect in a high-end IDE.

Some of FreeRIDE’s features include:

  • Multi-file editing
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto-indenting
  • Code Folding
  • Code Templates
  • Source navigation by module, class, method, etc.
  • Integrated Ruby Documentation
  • Integrated debugging
  • Written in Ruby for easy extension

Some planned features include:

  • Full internationalization
  • High-end refactoring support
  • Remote pair programming

In its current state, FreeRIDE cannot yet be called a real IDE
although it is already being used by many Ruby developers. What
is does have is a stable infrastructure with all the working plumbing
needed for the hordes of anxious Ruby developers that want to create
plugins to extend the functionality of FreeRIDE. The FreeRIDE team
will be working on such FreeRIDE plugins that we will individually
release to incrementally improve the FreeRIDE system. Periodically we
will rollup these added plugins into new releases of FreeRIDE.

Even if you have not officially joined the FreeRIDE team you can still
create plugins for you own use, share them with others, or send them
to us and we will make them available for download from our project
wiki. We may even ask for your permission to include them in the
FreeRIDE core distribution.

Any help you can provide in testing FreeRIDE, qualifying bugs and (why
not) fixing them is really what we need most, especially on Windows
where FreeRIDE seems to be less robust than on Linux.

Curt H.
Laurent J.
Jonathan M.


On 6/6/06, Laurent J. removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

See the Changelog for details…


Laurent J. removed_email_address@domain.invalid writes:

Some planned features include:

  • Remote pair programming

Can I ask how this is going to be implemented? I think there are some
definite benefits to using an existing, open, documented protocol
rather than trying to roll a custom one. This way FreeRIDE users can
interact with users of other editors in this regard.

I’ve had some experience with the Obby[1] collaboration protocol, and
I would definitely suggest it for this. It’s very straightforward and
easy to implement, and it provides a great cross-editor, open

-Phil H.

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