Freelancers: small site implementation

Hi everyone,

We’re looking for an independent, driven and capable freelancer willing
to help implement a small site using RoR. A CMS is required and among
the candidates we like Typus the most, but can be flexible in this
matter. You will be provided with complete front-end code (XHTML and
CSS) as well as designs outlining the site’s wireframe.

Contact me directly if you think this might be interesting! We’re based
in Sweden, but welcome anyone from US/EU to get in touch for further
details and planning.

Many thanks.


Didde B., Illianced

Dear Didde,

I would like to know more about the project you plan to develop.
I’m a software engineer based in Girona (close to Barcelona).
I have 8 years experience in software development, starting with Java,
Struts, SpringMVC, velocity, moved to Groovy on Grails, php and Ruby on

Right now I work in php for a hotel reservations Channel Manager (Web
Services) for a spanish multinational and have just published an
news aggregator in catalan, Negocis.CAT:

I also have a project in SourceForge: Winds of Scrum about the Scrum
framework. After using it for about a year now it’s somehow in a stop.
when I get to manage a big team again I’ll take it again:

About Typus I can only say that I didn’t knew about it. After some
I found it to be interesting as it adds authentication, authorization
user management in top of the Rails stack. It seems a great idea to use
in the back end.

Looking forward for your news

Best regards

2010/9/27 Didde B. [email protected]

and planning.

Oliver Hernà ndez Valls