Freelancer wanted - LF Transmission with Gnuradio/USRP

Dear all,

I got three times positive feedback on my beginners questions below.
Hence, I am pretty positive myself that my plan is feasible.
Today I started to use GRC…

This time I would like to ask if there is a freelancer out there
intersted in helping us out. This year we have so many projects that
we don’t really manage to design another prototype as described
below even if it is based on ready hardware.

I am asking for help in these topics:

  1. setting up a basic GnuRadio structure (RX and TX) to enable us trying
    around with different simple modulation schemes at different
  2. Designing simple analogue front ends for RX and TX with some
    possibility to vary the transmit power to be used up to 1MHz or
    some MHz to be connected to Ettus equipment.

Should be fun I suppose!

It would simplify things if YOU were resident in Europe or better
but I appreciate answers from the US or elsewhere as well.
For number 2) above it is not absotuley necessary to create the
Design and component selection would help as well.

If you are interested please contact me directly and we can talk about

Best regards,

I don’t really dare to type any email adress here to avoid spam and
address crawlers…

+49 5121 1760 707