Free Webinar! Using Cucumber + Webrat to Test Ruby Apps in the Cloud

Thursday, June 15, 2010 at 11 am PDT
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Cucumber, a Ruby on Rails tool, is incredibly useful for the full-
stack testing of web applications. Using domain-specific language that
reads similarly to plain English, it allows non-technical domain
experts to write executable requirement specs. By default, Cucumber
comes packaged with Webrat, a powerful testing tool that emulates a
browser that is many times faster than a normal one. Though Webrat
lacks support for JavaScript, it can be configured to use Selenium to
test for any cross-browser quirks in the JavaScript code using live

In this webinar, Sauce Labs Developer Sean G. will demonstrate how
to quickly set up a Cucumber application from scratch, and then
configure it to effortlessly switch between Webrat and Selenium. We’ll
discuss the advantages of each tool and how to know which tool best
fits the situation. Finally, we’ll go over how to overcome some of the
biggest problems of Cucumber and Selenium by using the Sauce OnDemand

Who should attend: Web developers and QAs with any level of Selenium

Current testing environment: Preferably Ruby + Cucumber

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