Free IEEE tutorial

Below is a free (to IEEE members) tutorial on wide bandwidth signal
Let me know If you guys consider this kind of thing spam and but me
being curious always appreciate a few diversions from time to time.
We all could learn something from this I expect.

Gregory W. Ratcliff


| Error Vector Magnitude measurements fit for 5G |
DESCRIPTION: Error vector magnitude, EVM, measurements have been the
mainstay of modulation performance analysis for more than twenty years.
Each new technology has defined a specific measurement to suit the
characteristics of the physical layer signal. The interest in signals
for 5G that are much wider bandwidth, operating at much higher
frequencies means it’s time to draw a comparison between the different
waveforms and the impact on the measurement of EVM. This presentation
reviews what an EVM measurement is and what it can tell us about the
device being measured. A combination of real life and simulated examples
are used, with single and multi-carrier waveforms having bandwidths of
20 MHz – 2 GHz, to demonstrate the impact of a variety of signal
impairments, including broadband noise and phase noise. The examples
will show how to make measurements that give the expected, and
consistent results. |