Framework, plan to release

This past year I have been making a framework to speed up the creating
process of gui application,
especially database back end

I am using wxruby and sequel
the main thing that is my creation is a code generator to make something

frame :expand => true do
flexgridsizer :cols => 2 do
label :text => “Insert your name here”
text :name => “txt_name”

became a ruby code, complete with basic function such as
and txt_name_enter()

I must say that I am already half way there
I already cover most basic widget, frame and mdi window
I even make scaffolding script to create a full functioning window from
command line

I’m stuck

the code is ugly… very ugly, it consist of many unhealthy way to solve
and It’s almost beyond my ability to expand the functionality
but I really wish this framework can go further, to be a much better one
then it is now

So I am planning to put it online, after a little cleaning on the code
and hope that there will be people willing to help so we can improve

and perhaps one day we will be able to see rails for desktop in action

PS. moderator
if this is not the right place to post this, I apologize