Fragment caches not being expired

I am having some serious issues with caching :frowning:

The latest problem that I have is the fragments are not being deleted.

Here is the haml code within the application.html.haml file that caches
the text just fine

  • cache(:controller => “layout”, :action => “header”, :id => do

Here is the code that was originally placed within a sweeper file, then
moved directly into the controller when trying ti figure out where the
issue was

expire_fragment(:controller => “layout”, :action => “header”, :id =>

Unfortunately, it doesn’t delete the cached data. I don’t know if the
issue is due to the fact that I am using subdomains or not. The cached
data exists in

Any help is appreciated.


The issue was that the page was also being cached thereby eliminating
the need for the fragment. I think I am feeling the effects of caffeine