Foxguib: call for input

Dear list,

Have you got something to add to foxGUIb?

I am still maintaining foxGUIb but as I haven’t had personal need for it
the last years I did not add or change much. The download rate on
and the number of hits on the FAQ page ( suggest that the tool has a
so small” number of users. Therefore, for me, discontinuing the project
not an option. However, because of lack of enthusiasm and time I have
baked another release in two years so I think it is about time to do

I am going to release version 1.0 soon. You can help.

  • Have you made any useful changes to your personal copy of foxguib? If
    please send in a patch.
  • Have you played around with foxguib and (accidentally) made a small
    example of useage? I have been asked for more examples, so please send
  • Are you a rubygems expert and have a couple of hours to put together a
    foxGUIb gem?
  • More ideas?

I hope there is some echo and if so I will gladly incorporate your input
the foxguib 1.0 release.

– Henon

hmm, ok, if nobody cares I should not waste my time on it.
– henon

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 6:09 PM, Meinrad R.
[email protected]

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