foxGUIb 0.6 released

dear (FX)Ruby hackers,

i am proud to be able to announce the release of foxGUIb 0.6.
check out the home page at for details.

there is also a small surprise for you which will be announced
tomorrow by a friend of mine :wink:

== What is foxGUIb? ==
foxGUIb is a GUI creator and code generator for FXRuby.

== Whom is foxGUIb for? ==
* FXRuby newbies who want to experiment with the widgets and
* FXRuby experts who want to prototype their GUI components rapidly.
* … ok, lets say everyone who wants to create a GUI with FXRuby :wink:

== What has changed? (since v0.5.1) ==
* a lot of annoying little bugs are fixed in this release
* FX.rb has been renamed to libGUIb14.rb and encapsulated in its
own package ‘libGUIb’ which comes with an installation routine.
* new supported widgets: FX::MenuRadio and FX::MenuCheck
* the FX::RadioMutex widget allows to create groups of mutually
RadioButtons without extending the generated sources by hand.
* FX::MenuPane has mutual exclusive influence on FX::MenuRadios

– henon

It seems there is a bug.

When I run “ruby foxGUIb.rb”, I got this:

$ ruby foxGUIb.rb
require__': ./gui/ mainwin.rb:57: syntax error (SyntaxError) "Rubyforge:", ^ ./gui/mainwin.rb:57: syntax error ./gui/mainwin.rb:59: syntax error ./gui/mainwin.rb:60: syntax error ./gui/mainwin.rb:61: syntax error from /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygem s/custom_require.rb:21:inrequire’
from foxGUIb.rb:22

I took a look at mainwin.rb, and found a comma is ommitted at line 56.

Best regards,


oh, this is really embaressing ;).
the downloads are fixed now. thanks!
– henon