foxGUIb 0.5.0 (for FXRuby 1.4.x)


brief: foxGUIb is an interactive gui builder for fxruby. this release
brings compatibility with the newest version of fxruby and a new event

details: foxGUIb version 0.5.0 works with FXRuby versions 1.4.x
This release brings you an event editor which enables writing behaviour
of your interfaces within foxguib. (see “View” menu)
The codegenerator incorporates the event handling code in the generated
class. runtime evaluation and testing is not inlcuded in this version.
The event editor “knows” which events are documented in the fxruby api
reference docs and can display the documentation for each event.
The interface has been polished and looks more professional now.
Some major bugs have been fixed. (see changelog)

You can download the tarball at:

The still preliminary documentation can be found at:

Bugreports at rubyforge:

Mike Parr joined the project and is currently writing serious
documentation for foxGUIb. The docu will be included in the package in
future versions.

This release comes to you thanks to all who encouraged me to continue
on foxGUIb on the fxruby-users mailing list!!

Enjoy it,
– henon


foxguib-0.5.1-hotfix fixes the event editor crash and the broken event
handler example.
other than that it seems to be quite stable. sorry for the
– henon