Found errors in The Ruby Programming Language book?

O’Reilly is going to be reprinting The Ruby P.ming Language
next week, and are allowing me to fix errors in the book this week.
If you’ve found typos, errors, omissions, etc., in the book, please
let me know about them so I can improve the book for future readers.
My website is, and you can report errors with a
comment to my blog, or you can email them to me: I’m [email protected] that
(Normally, you’d submit errors to the publisher’s website, but in this case
time is a little short, and I’d like to hear more directly from you.)

This is just a reprint, not a new edition, so I can’t do things like
add whole new sections of material or insert tables or figures. But I
can fix errors and insert short new paragraphs to correct or clarify.

Thanks for your help!

David Flanagan

Thanks to everyone who helped me by reporting errors for the reprint
of The Ruby P.ming Language. I made 81 changes to the text.
Many of them are just typos or similar non-technical things, but some
are errors that are fixed, and a number are updates to keep the book
in sync with recent changes to 1.9 (and 1.8.7). See

for the complete list of changes.

David Flanagan

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