Forms do not display in browser. What am I doing wrong?

All, I am a rookie to Ruby on Rails. I just started with a book from
O’Reilly on Friday (Learning Rails).

I have run through several examples in the book that didnt work and have
figured out what the problem was. That was until I tried the form

I have attached the various files for your assistance. I can upload
additional ones if necessary.

I really am grateful for anyone that can help me understand this issue.

Hey Dennis,

Your “form_for” tag is missing the = sign , it should be <%= form_
for …



Yep - I’m the author. <% form_for used to work, but now it’s <%=

I’m not sure if you have the print version or the ebook edition, but
you definitely want to make sure you’re working with Learning Rails 3,
which is (currently) just an ebook as we work on updating it. If you
have the original book for 2.1, many many things have changed since it
was published.

Simon St.Laurent

Thanks for the info! I was going a little crazy figuring out what little
detail had changed here and there.

One thing I haven’t been able to figure out- where can I get the ebook?
I bought the paperback yesterday and have been looking in the book and
online for where I can get the latest updates.