Forms + Captcha + Upload Files + Embedding RoR

Hi All,

John, Radiant is fantastic!

Im working on a company website and wanted to build a couple of
components -

  1. Contact Us
  1. Submit Your Resume
  • Same as the contact us form, but extends to include submission of PDF.
  1. Embedding RoR Application
    • We’re building a RoR application and were hoping to embed this in
      section in radiant. Are there examples of this?

Looking forward to any help,


Hey Colin-

I’m pretty new to Radiant but YES Radiant can do the things you
described, however you will have to do a little digging around on the
web and mailing lists.

See my comments…

  1. Contact Us
  2. Submit Your Resume

There is a “mailer behaviour” that folks are using for emailing, I
haven’t used it yet but so see alot of list traffic about it. It’s
yaml based so watch your white spaces.

  1. Embedding RoR Application

This is what I found to be REALLY SWEET, you’ll want the ‘mental’
branch for this stuff. I played around with it and was basically able
to dump an existing RoR app into Radiant. There was a pretty good post
somewhere about this, you use a ‘generator’ to get your ‘extension’

I hope you know Ruby and RoR cause you’re gonna need to dig around in
some code to make these things happen. But I think using Radiant is
good for what you described. I’m going to be using it on several such
apps myself.

Good luck-