Form works with POST but not PUT

I have a form that’s stopped working. It calls a PUT action - the route
is defined thus (other routes omitted for clarity):

map.namespace :admin do |admin|
admin.resources :resources, :member => { :update_bundle => :put }

And it shows up in rake routes as

update_bundle_admin_resource PUT
{:action=>“update_bundle”, :controller=>“admin/resources”}

So far so good. The problem seems to be with my form - i can’t get it
to make a put request. Initially it was like this:

Looking in my logs, it’s generating this request:

Processing ResourcesController#4557 (for at 2008-10-10
10:22:44) [GET]
Parameters: {“action”=>“4557”, “id”=>“update_bundle”,

I tried changing it to a form_tag (which should just generate the same
html as i already have):

<% form_tag update_bundle_admin_resource_path(@resource), :method =>
:put do -%>

But i get the same result. Can anyone see if i’m doing something wrong?

Like i said, this used to work fine, but we just did a big
branch-swapping deploy and maybe something somewhere is screwing it up.
I have no idea what though.

thanks, max

Oh, and i forgot to mention - if i change it to use POST instead of PUT
then everything works fine. But i’d rather find out why it’s breaking.