Form should insert on 2Tables in my DB

Hi to you!

I’m writing my first webapp with ruby on rails. And I like it so far.

My problem is:
I have a form and if I create a db-record, that works fine.
But I want to create 2 records on 2 different tables (with one form).

Example (a phone book app):
I have a table person and a table place.

On the form “new person” I have the fields
Name, first name… and the field place.
Now I want to insert the Name, first name… on the table person
and insert the new place on the table place.

Is that possible?
How should the form look like?
How can I handle this in the controller?

Thank you for your help!

As so often, there are many ways to do this.
You can use a form_for and add some additional fields or
build the whole form with a simple form_tag

the most simple form for a client with a name and an
additional address record would look like this

<% form_tag(admin_clients_path) do %>
<%= text_field :client, :name, :size => 20 %>
<%= text_field :address , :city, :size => 40 %>
<% end %>

in you controller you get params as this

and can do the common stuff like[:client])[:address])