Form.serialize questions



I’m working on my integration of FCKEditor into rails, and have ran
into a serious problem with making it work with ajax.

I’ve made it so that the editor is able to load through ajax multiple
times without a page refresh, which is great. The only problem with
this is that the Form.serialize method is not cooperating on the
submitting of the form…

Let me explain. When I submit the form using a form_remote_tag, the
form is submitted successfully, but the value of the FCKEditor field
is not submited. However, if you click submit a second time, it is
submitted. I’ve been trying to figure out why this is, but the answer
eludes me.

Here are some of the things I’ve tried:

:before => “Form.serialize(this)” in the form_remote_tag
serializing when the submit button is pressed.
outputting the serialization to a textfield before submitting.

The same thing happens everytime. When I view the serialization
(through a document.write()), the value isn’t there the first time,
but it is the second. Does anyone know of something in prototype that
might be causing this, or is this most likely a fckeditor problem?