Form_remote_tag :condition

I am using the following validation prototype-based js library:

What I am trying to do is upon submitting a form via AJAX, I want it
to meet the conditions of the validation of the function validateMe()

If it passes, go ahead and continue and push the form information via
an AJAX call. This is what I have:

<% form_remote_tag :update=>‘nothing’,
:url=> {:action => ‘create’},
:condition =>‘validateMe();’,
:html=> {:id=>‘signIn’},
:success =>‘Modalbox.hide();’ do %>

so the HTML that is generated is:

The validateMe() function works correctly and returns FALSE if it is
not validated,HOWEVER, if it returns TRUE, the AJAX.updater, does NOT
get called.

Am I understanding what :condition does? If I were to take
out :condition, the form works correctly but this skips the validateMe

I found my mistake. I thought that I was returning the correct
boolean values back to the form from the JS function, but I was not.
Everything is working perfectly now.