Form Post Submission Multiple Parameters

Hiya folks. Just trying out a form post with multiple parameters. Not
sure if I’m running into some syntax issues or other issues. I’m
getting a bad reply, error code 500.


  • Are my parameters done correctly? The documentation is a bit
  • Is there a specific method how I can test this sort of thing?
  • what is the parse on the url do?

require ‘net/http’
require ‘uri’

target = “
uri = URI.parse(target)

params =“lang”, “eng”)“profileId”, “”)“prtl”, “1”)“searchCriteriaBean.portal”, “1”)“V_SEARCH.documentJSP”,
“”)“searchCriteriaBean.resultJsp”, “/”)“exportCsvLang”, “”)“V_SEARCH.scopeCategory”, “CCC.Root”)“V_SEARCH.depth”, “1”)“V_SEARCH.showStricts”, “false”)“searchCriteriaBean.textField”, “fish”)“sbmtBtn”, “Search”)“searchCriteriaBean.conceptOperator”, “and”)“searchCriteriaBean.hitsPerPage”, “10”)“searchCriteriaBean.sortSpec”, “title+asc”)“searchCriteriaBean.isSummaryOn”, “Y”)

res = Net::HTTP.post_form(uri, params)


puts res.code # => ‘200’
puts res.message # => ‘OK’
puts # => ‘HTTPOK’


puts res.body

Any advice appreciated. Cheers