Form handling question

Hi Folks,

Let’s say I have a form collecting info on applicants.

I need an applicant’s info, but I also need a series of references for
that applicant. Currently I’ve got a table and model set up for each.
One called Applicant(s), one called Reference(s). The References table
is tied to the Applicant table via foreign key. The models are set up
accordingly (has_many :references, belongs_to :applicant).

With the help of this nice tutorial: I was able to get the form
to collect info from an applicant and one reference. It works pretty
well, (there are some problems with the display of multiple validation
messages but I’ll figure that out)

What I’m wondering is how to get the form to collect multiple
references, not just one. I can’t seem to find to much in this regard
in tutorials and such.

Any ideas? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

If anyone else is having similar problems to the above, I found
something to get going in the right direction at:

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