<% form_for :post, :url => { :action => :save_requirement } do

Requirement Title:<%= form.text_field :title, :value =>
<%= form.submit “Add requirement” %>

This is just a part of my form…when I hit submit, it works great with
IE7, but Firefox 3.0 doesn’t do anything. What solution is there to get
it to work with both of them?


Justin To wrote:

      <% form_for :post, :url => { :action => :save_requirement } do


Could you inspect the source that generates?

Rails is funny regarding symbols on the right side of a =>

Sometimes it treats them as a shortcut for a string; sometimes not…

Also, is your action a member of the current controller?

After you fix it, be sure to use routes.rb to name your route, and use

What do your functional tests say about your ability to :post to that


Hi –

On Wed, 23 Jul 2008, Justin To wrote:

it to work with both of them?
I don’t think that’s really an excerpt from your view template; it’s
missing some %> delimiters, so it wouldn’t work at all.

It’s best to cut-and-paste the real code that you’re asking about, so
that people can try to spot what the problem might be.


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