Form_for text_area

Hi all, Since I am new to ruby on rails. I’m stuck in some minor issue.
I am using form_for in my view.

In that I am using a text text. So, My question is, how to add a default
value to the text_area along with the row and col values.

Please help me out ASAP.

For the default value, add it in the model. Maybe in an after_initialize
For the row and col values, read the documentation.

Dheeraj K.


If you want default values add them in your model. If you are talking
about a placeholder in your view:

form_for() do |f|

f.text_area :name, :rows => 5, :placeholder => “Your Text here…”

AS you can see i set 5 rows for the text area AS default to display. And
there is some placeholder text in it…

Hope this helps you.

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