Form_for checkbox with array

I have a model Profile with an attribute named ‘descriptions_of_like’.
‘desctiptions_of_like’ - is a string, which I convert into an array for
working with them and before saving in table convert into a string.
(It’s a not a best way, i think, but the first thing that comes to
How can i manage this lisk of descriptions with form_for?
I write this:

<% form_for @user do |f| %> <% @list_of_descriptions.each do |i| %> <% f.check_box :i %> <% end %> <% end %>
where @list_of_descriptions = @user.descriptions_of_like.split(%r{,\s*})

and get error
“undefined method `i’”

When you do f.check_box(:i) Rails expects the model for the form
(in this case, User) to have an attribute called “i”.

You can use the “check_box_tag” helper to generate a check box that is
tied to a model.

I’ve read what you posted and I’m still not sure what you are trying to
do here. Start out by providing the following and use
( for posting the code for readability.

Model Files: post your user.rb and profile.rb
Schema: post your schema for user and profile
Controller Files: post your profiles_controller.rb

Then, answer what you are trying to do with the checkbox. And, while
you are at it, review this here so you can understand how to properly
write a form_for -

You’ll find form_for in section 2.2.

After you post that, just provide a short summary of how you feel the
logic should work with these controllers.


When going to the profiles index I expect to see the following:
… field_one : string containing x…
… field_two : integer containing y…

Given this, anyone should be able to answer your question.

Thanks mate.

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