Form_for + catch the complete action

Hi I am using classic form_for to upload pictures using ajax.

<% form_for(:images, :url => formatted_images_path(:format => ‘js’),
:html => { :multipart => true, :target => ‘upload_frame’ }) do |f| %>

Is there a way to catch the complete action? I would like to use
lightbox to show and crop the image in iframe.

thank you.

Can you use form_remote_for?

On Feb 5, 11:17 am, Petan C. [email protected]


that is the trouble, the upload is not working with remote_form_for.


Daly wrote:

Can you use form_remote_for?

On Feb 5, 11:17�am, Petan C. [email protected]

I used this about a year ago and it worked fine
Not sure if it still works with current versions of Rails.

In my latest app, I used swfupload to provide multiple file uploads
with a progress bar. There are better alternatives if you are using
apache and passenger.

On Feb 5, 11:41 am, Petan C. [email protected]

I already used responds_to_parent successfully.

What are the better alternatives if we use Apache and Passenger?

Sorry about the delay:

I found a nice tutorial here:

On Feb 5, 12:37 pm, Mathieu R. [email protected]