Form Authenticity Token Error generated from iframe


Iam trying to link my app from another site. I have used iframes and a
form is being loaded in the iframe embeded in another site outside my
rails app. So when the user submits this form it should effectively
take me to the application site with the post data… iam getting
authenticity token error while doing this… can anyone guide me how to
achieve the objective…



Actually iam well perplexed with the situation… The form that iam
embedding in another site, when submitted, the POST action does not
actually store or retrieve anything from the database… It just
manipulates the form param data, that is submitted by POST, to get
the next page… So with this as the situation is it safe to disable
forgery protection for that POST action and continue ??? Will this
make it XSS vulnerable ??? Pls guide me on this… Expert advice and
comments are most needed to guide me towards the right direction…